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Keyword Insights


Use Keyword Insights to simultaneously research, write, and optimize your content and content creation process. This new SEO platform evaluates the quality of your content through bespoke grading metrics, providing meaningful insights and helping you with ongoing fine-tuning of your work.

The integrated content research tool assists with designing the ideal outline for your content. It canvasses and analyzes data from top-ranked pages and platforms such as Reddit and Quora, curating all information in an accessible tab. An additional feature can automatically generate a content outline based on the scrutinized material.

Use the AI writer for quick transformations of text: rewrites, expansions, or summaries. Make tone alterations easily and generate new content, summaries, and metadata, in seconds. The tool also integrates well with AI image generation tools and provides essential text formatting options.

With seven key grading metrics, including word count, spelling, grammar, topical coverage, and keyword usage, your content is continually analyzed against top-ranking pieces. Furthermore, the AI will alert you if any section appears to be written by an AI, prompting real-time edits.

Like Reword, another excellent AI-based content writing tool, Keyword Insights encourages the synergy of human-AI collaboration, with an integrated system that uses AI to evaluate its content, ensuring a natural feel.

How does it compare to other tools like Jasper and Surfer:

It's about half the price of Jasper and about double the price of Surfer. However, with Keyword Insights you get AI Chat Assistant, AI writer templates, and AI content detection.
And if SEO is your goal (most likely if you're using an AI Writing assistant), you'll be happy to know that Keyword Insights also comes with several outstanding features you won't find in many other SEO tools:
-Topical Layer Optimization
-Cluster Optimization

  • AI Brief generation

Plagiarism detection is coming soon, and a competitor analysis heatmap tool is also on the way.

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