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KeywordsPeopleUse is a modern approach to keyword research and content planning, with deep insights into what queries people are typing into search engines.

  • The tool uses a neural network to generate keywords and answers to questions. This can help you develop content ideas or produce initial drafts.
  • Ask the AI assistant your SEO, keyword, and content-related questions using natural language. It responds with helpful answers that add an invaluable layer of assistance—enabling marketers to generate instant insights based on data-backed responses.
  • KeywordsPeopleUse's powerful AI algorithms can take your keyword and question data, and automatically group them into topic clusters—making it easy to identify content gaps and themes.
  • The AI can generate entire articles based on the clusters of questions provided, including a summary paragraph and each question's keyword data.
  • You can generate content briefs and site structures thanks to an AI assistant, which will also aid your content planning by generating topics based on research.
  • The tool includes AI-powered features to enable you to analyze keyword data, prioritize topics, and make recommendations.
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