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Video Editing

AI-assisted video generation for tiktoks, reels, and youtube shorts. Quickly turn your existing YouTube videos into short content for TikToks or other platforms.

Klap is all about video editing with OpenAI to enhance creativity and convenience.

  • Instantly generate ready-to-publish videos from YouTube URLs
  • Embrace the efficiency of AI-assisted video editing
  • Curate topic-based clips for maximum impact
  • Auto-reframe on faces to keep the focus
  • Expertly generated captions
  • Showcase your personality and preferred style

Keep your content fresh across Youtube, TikTok, Reels, and Shorts with minimum time investment. Paste a YouTube URL and Klap will generate a ready-to-share short video.

Klap understands the main topics of your YouTube channel and then breaks them down into bite-sized videos so they are easy for your audience to digest.

Alternatives: Opus Clip, Munch

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