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LearnWorlds AI


Explore the potential of conversational AI to remodel your course creation process with LearnWorlds' new AI features

Get expert help with your course layout, generate content ideas from scratch, enhance learner engagement, and create a more personalized learning experience.

Course creation and delivery platform LearnWorlds has created a platform that combines the power of artificial intelligence and education. It simplifies the complex process of course creation for teachers by giving them advanced AI tools to take care of the complex technical aspects of course creation. But it doesn't end there. Here are some of the other things that these AI features can do:

  • Course Structure and planning: ChatGPT makes it easy to build the anatomy of a course: make AI your ally in building an outline and structuring learning activities.
  • Instructional Design: Use ChatGPT's power to create topic suggestions, generate course content, and offer research material.
  • Generate Creative Copy: A well-crafted course needs punchy copy and engaging assets. ChatGPT provides creative copywriting ideas and suggestions for graphics, adding elements of interactivity and engagement to your class or training program.  The result is a slick presentation that engages learners in new ways.
  • Generate Video Scripts: Generate a complete video script and get advice on the perfect tone, language, and visuals. Make your content more engaging.
  • Course Assessments and Quizzes: Generate questions, grade responses, and gauge question difficulty by prompting the AI engine. Challenge your learners with AI-designed assessments. The tool prepares questions and provides valuable assessment of their difficulty.
  • Create summaries and Overviews: ChatGPT can improve the readability and understanding of your content by drafting and reviewing introductions, conclusions, takeaway sections, and summaries.
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