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Lunacy by Icons8

Graphic Design

Lunacy is a free design software with AI Tools and built-in custom graphics for creative flow

Auto layouts, import from Figma, and a bunch of productivity boosters. Available on macOS, Windows, and Linux

All the Must-Haves of a professional design app with a UX/UI design app that combines a variety of capabilities with new and innovative features:

  • Auto Layout: Constraints and rules enable you to create flexible responsive designs by defining how elements should behave.
  • Import from Figma: Free, fast, and accurate Figma to .sketch converter.
  • Online and Offline Modes: Work from the office or stay productive while you work remotely.
  • Prototyping: Speed tests your ideas like never before. It’s time to transform ideas into clickable prototypes.
  • Linked Design:With Lunacy, you can change live web pages without requiring coders. Insert links to visual elements into HTML code and update those elements whenever you want.
  • Image Upscaler: Enlarge images and enhance their resolution.
  • Background Remover: Make the background transparent in any photo.
  • Text Generator: Generate placeholder texts for your interfaces.
  • Avatar Generator: Instantly create user avatars for contact lists, testimonials, etc.
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