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Lyro by Tidio


Lyro by Tidio (one of the most popular chat apps for websites) is built with small and medium businesses in mind. Its main goal is to deliver a personalised, fast, and efficient customer service experience. Just like a human support agent (but without hiring costs).

  • Powered by Claude (Anthropic AI), the most secure LLM on the market, making Lyro a safe and powerful chatbot to use.
  • The chatbot also teaches itself how to fine-tune its answers based on its interactions, uses data to adapt to incoming questions, and doesn’t give responses based on anything but your website data.
  • Lyro has the potential to greatly improve customer satisfaction by providing fast and precise responses 24/7, without limitations. It also drastically improves the support team’s efficiency by becoming their virtual assistant.
  • While the chatbot takes care of all basic requests and questions, human agents can focus on challenging stuff that requires human intelligence and attention. It's a scalable solution as Lyro learns from every conversation.
  • It creates new automated workflows once opportunities arise. Traditional chatbots are handcuffed by pre-designed conversational paths, but Lyro's intelligence allows it to understand customer questions and engage in meaningful, human-like conversations.
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