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Magic Hour

Video Editing

Magic Hour is a virtual studio equipped with cutting-edge generative AI tools that allow you to turn your creative vision into reality.

Create high-quality videos with a user-friendly interface featuring the latest video creation technology.

Access Magic Hour's advanced generative AI tools for video through a virtual studio accessible in your browser.

Automate all of your video production and get your content in front of your audience, faster. AI makes it all happen with a few clicks.


-Video-to-Video: Transform any existing video with ease by applying style transfer and changing the subjects. Let your creativity flow as you reimagine your footage in new and exciting ways.
-Animation: With the added option of image-to-video, you have the flexibility to create captivating animations that capture your audience.
-Face Swap: With advanced deep learning algorithms, Magic Hour enables you to seamlessly replace faces and bring a new level of entertainment to your content.
-Text-to-Video: Enhance your storytelling abilities and capture viewers by transforming written content into compelling visuals. The integrated image-to-video feature adds an extra layer of creativity to your projects.

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