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Marketing Megaprompts


Makerbox's Marketing Mega-Prompts is your ultimate marketing companion designed to turn you into a ChatGPT pro marketing machine. No more generic marketing prompts.

And while there are hundreds of free ChatGPT prompts out there, what makes Makerbox's Mega-Prompts stand out is their exceptional quality, carefully crafted for marketers, indie hackers, and solopreneurs.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 40 marketing mega-prompts tailored to solopreneurs.
  • Develop killer marketing strategies, revamp your landing pages, and crank out stellar content in a flash.
  • Unconventional ideas that nobody else is using, smart segmentation, and 100% personalization options.

Make your marketing strategy stand out with positioning stories, marketing funnels, storytelling arches, and more. Brainstorm tweet ideas, influencer marketing ideas, subject line variations, and catchy product names with ChatGPT. These prompts are designed with the needs of solopreneurs in mind, taking the pressure off your marketing efforts and letting ChatGPT do the heavy lifting.

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