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MindPall is a cutting-edge AI product that allows you to build customized AI agents for your tasks with your own data.

-Build AI agents for your tasks, with your data: Create customized ChatGPT-like agents to handle a variety of tasks, from customer support chatbots to internal AI search engines. No coding is required.
-Built-in web search integration: Configure your agents to seamlessly search for up-to-date information from popular sources such as Google, YouTube, or Wikipedia.
-Sources cited: This means that your agents' replies are backed by reliable information, giving you peace of mind.
-Customizable instructions: You can provide specific instructions and requirements to train your agents, enabling them to perform tasks with remarkable quality.
-Contextual understanding of your work: MindPal agents are trained using your own knowledge sources that align with your business's specific context.
-Assemble a highly efficient crew of chatbots: Upload your knowledge sources, provide instructions to an agent, and configure them into a chatbot.
-Easy to embed: Whether you prefer iframes or chat bubbles, MindPal offers embedding options to enhance your website's functionality.

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