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Artificial intelligence is transforming the language learning space, and MosaLingua, one of the leading language learning apps has added MosaChat-AI to it's list of education tools.

MosaChat-AI acts like a constant companion for sharpening language skills. In fact, the eTutor has a name: Aida. She is available to students around the clock.

  • eTutor Aida is a brilliant fusion of artificial intelligence and language learning, offering real-time conversation no matter where you are in the world or what time it is.
  • Practice and learn in real time by simulating scenarios from daily life and professional contexts. It makes language learning feel less like a burden and more like an exciting conversation.
  • MosaChat-AI is an intelligent tool that analyzes your responses and offers personalized resources, just like a personal tutor.
  • For a limited time, MosaChat-AI is offering its premium users 300 free minutes of usage.
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