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Mr Scraper


Mr Scraper is AI tool for website directory builders, ecommerce store owners, data brokers, data scientists, and data analysts.

Web scraping has never been easier. When combined with rich language models and the flexibility of traditional scrapers (pagination and proxy rotation), you have an unbeatable way to gather data from web sites.

This smart tool leverages language models to automatically understand the structure of web pages and intelligently extract the desired information without the need for code selectors

With MrScraper AI, you can quickly and easily extract information from websites. It intelligently understands the structure of web pages—just like a seasoned detective—so that extracting desired information is intuitively easy.

The visual schedule builder makes it easy to set up schedules for data scraping, and the integrated data parser allows you to parse and format your scraped results. The MrScraper API allows you integrate this app into any application or scheduling system.

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