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Video Editing

Munch takes your long-form videos and, with the help of some AI wizardry, transforms them into bite-sized, shareable gems. This nifty tool automates the editing grind, zeroes in on the most captivating moments, and optimizes your content for the big shots of social media—YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Social media maestros, media agency hotshots, digital marketers will like the time-saving and creative features of Munch.

The AI Video Editor lets you tweak clips, generate auto-captions, and smart-crop aspect ratios like a boss so you can squeeze every last drop out of your existing content and catapult your strategy to new heights.

A very useful tool for visual content (visual content is where the world is heading). Make sure your clips are always riding the wave of current trends, and stand out amongst your competitors with polished clips and auto-generated captions.

Alternatives: Opus Clip, Klap

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