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Orimon ai


Orimon's AI chatbot can be created and deployed in less than two minutes, making it ideal for businesses looking to make it easier for customers to interact with them.

One of its best features is its advanced sales-enabled conversational AI. It uses Google's No. 1 conversational AI, Oriserve, which has won awards around the world, and GPT4 from OpenAI. The chatbot can be the perfect salesperson for your business, by learning about your business and making your customer's journey unique.

Orimon's real conversational AI sets it apart from more traditional, rules-based chatbots. It is designed to engage your audience with human-like interactions, understand intent and objectives, and converse in over 120 languages.

Some key features that may interest business owners include its sales-enabling tech stack, industry-specific pre-training, and multi-lingual capabilities.

Another strength of this chatbot is its ability to integrate with other tools and websites. Even those without extensive technical knowledge can do it by copying and pasting two lines of code.

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