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Osher is your personal AI, ready to elevate your team's interaction with internal knowledge bases, documents, spreadsheets, and procedures.

Get a knowledge-rich Business AI for your team, customer support, and business operations by scanning a website and selecting URLs
How does it work? Osher uses AI trained on your business data and internal knowledge base (including a variety of file formats: Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, Markdown, HTML, Text files and more). Deploy this AI tailored to your specific needs, with personalized training on content uploaded to it.

Customize everything from your AI's personality, name, and color to ensure it aligns perfectly with your brand's image.

Control who interacts with your AI by creating private or public AIs, embedding them on your website or intranet, and limiting access by domain.

Control access to your AI by embedding a chat widget on your website for public interactions. In addition, create multiple AIs with access to different content. The AI can also be inserted into your intranet for internal employee use.

No more drowning in documents. Your AI's succinct summaries of any topic it has access to are just one chat away.

Coming soon: support for adding data from URLs, multi-user interactions (with memory), multi-user accounts for teams, and further integration with Slack and Teams.

Alternatives: Bizway

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