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PDF ai


PDF.ai offers a unique, chat-based approach to interacting with PDF documents. Think of it as your PDF assistant.

Interact with a PDF as though you are having an in-person conversation. Get clarifications, summaries, and responses to your queries.

The chat interface facilitates seamless knowledge exchange and collaboration on scientific papers. This helps researchers to efficiently share information with teams and editors.

Other features include the ability to simplify complex legal jargon (save on lawyer fees), understand your gadgets better (lose the boring manual), make training documents more fun for employees (lose the dull training manual), and aid in decision-making on financial documents (get rid of the jargon).

Easy to use:

  • Easy document upload: Select the PDF you wish to interact with, and you're good to go.
  • Get Instant answers: Ask, extract, and summarize information using the powerful AI at its core.
  • Source Cited: Each response comes cited, ensuring the reliability of the information delivered.

The convenience of the product lies in its simplicity: you upload a document and start a conversation with it. This chatting isn't just a gimmick; the underlying AI impressively fetches any relevant information from the document and provides a comprehensive answer, well cited from the uploaded text. It also works in multiple languages and can answer in a different language to the source.[[

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