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Pictory AI is a video creation and editing program for creating engaging videos across popular social media channels. Pictory helps you transform articles and blog posts into shareable videos, generate short videos from photographs and video clips, and add text to videos.

  • Use the "article to video" module lets users convert existing blog posts and articles into shareable videos by simply pasting the URL.
  • The "script to video" module is similar, but users paste the plain text to convert into videos, recommended for product intros and simple training guides.
  • Use the "visuals to video" module is for creating videos using existing images and video clips.
  • Try the "edit videos with voice using text" module allows users to edit videos easily by uploading a video, converting it to full transcription/subtitles, and removing words from the text that will be removed from the video as well.

Pictory also allows you to customize your clips by adding logos, intros, outros, and captions. You can pick from an array of templates and designs to guarantee that your final version is of high quality and suits your marketing goals.

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