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AI Detection

Plagiashield is a fast, accurate, and user-friendly plagiarism checker with a specialized ChatGPT detection Chrome extension. It’s designed to verify the originality of ChatGPT content, making it a must-have tool for top publishers and SEO agencies looking to protect their reputation from content plagiarism.

One of Plagiashield’s primary functions is to ensure that drafts and outputs from ChatGPT are unique. It helps identify potential plagiarism issues when ChatGPT accidentally produces sentences that sound like existing ones (often), making it easier to cite or rework content by finding possible sources. This is a good thing as plagiarized content, whether intentional or accidental, can harm your brand.

By keeping a watchful eye on thousands of web pages, Plagiashield improves your website’s ranking while swiftly identifying and addressing instances of plagiarism through instant DMCA notices.

The Plagiashield Chrome extension works great with ChatGPT, so you can check for plagiarism in real-time. Once you install the extension from the Chrome Store, just log in with your Plagiashield account and start checking your content right in the ChatGPT interface. The extension catches plagiarism and gives you sources to cite or fix.

Plagiashield offers unlimited plagiarism checks for only $3 per month, guaranteeing the originality of your content and helping to maintain your website’s ranking. It monitors thousands of web pages, identifyies copycats, and generates DMCA notices so you can remove infringing material instantly.

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