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Play.ht is a text-to-speech tool with unique features. The recently launched multilingual synthesis and cross-language voice cloning model lets you clone voices across languages with realistic accents and language nuances.

Parrot, the polyglot prodigy, clones voices across languages while staying true to the original's tone and subtleties.

Need help with dubbing, language learning, or localization? The updated text-to-speech model, called Parrot, has improved pitch, motion, pause control, and zero-shot cloning capabilities. With Parrot, cross-language cloning is easier than ever

Parrot will emulate the intonation and language nuances of the original audio without interpretation, breaking language barriers and expanding content reach for creators, artists, and educators.

This AI-powered technology has been adopted by a number of industries, including video production, marketing, and customer service. Parrot also has potential applications in speech therapy, allowing patients to hear themselves speaking in a desired language.

Using Play.ht is simple: sign up, upload speech, pick your cloned voice, and type away in the Rich-Text editor.

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