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With studio-quality recording, AI-powered editing, and hassle-free exporting, Podcastle is a powerful tool for broadcast storytelling.

It's got multi-track recording, audio transcription, intuitive editing with auto-leveling and dynamic fading, realistic text-to-speech, Magic Dust noise cancellation with AI, and Revoice, where you can make digital copies of your own voice.

Podcastle's Magic Dust AI transforms low-quality audio recordings into professional-level sound. A good option for users who need to record audio outside, on the go, or on their phone.

  • Transcribe live speech or audio files into text within seconds.
  • Make high-quality podcasts, even remote interviews, without any expensive equipment.
  • Turn any text into lifelike human voices using cutting-edge voice skins.
  • Edit audio files by simply making changes in the transcribed text. Magic Dust removes background noise and professionally processes audio tracks to improve speech quality.
  • Convert text into audio with ultra-realistic voice skins to improve listener and student engagement and learning.

Alternatives: Castmagic, OpusClip, Podium, Recast Studio, Descript

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