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Podium is an AI Copywriter for Podcast Show Notes, Articles, Social Posts, and More!

Save time and gain a competitive edge by using AI-powered technologies that help you automate podcast production.

Podium provides adaptable plans to suit varying needs, and uniquely integrates proprietary AI with public resources like GPT-3 and ChatGPT for podcast-specific tasks, appealing to diverse users from budget podcasters to professional studios.

  • Save hours of time and hundreds (or thousands) of dollars while reaching larger audiences
  • Automated summaries of your episodes and chapters help you write shownotes faster.
  • Automated transcript that will make your podcast more accessible, searchable and shareable in TXT and VTT formats
  • Segment your podcast into topics, with an easy-to-read format. Ready for Spotify and YouTube

Podium stands out by blending publicly accessible tools like GPT-3 and ChatGPT with proprietary AI, specifically designed for podcasts, enabling unique features like finding clips and creating chapters, which most similar tools can't achieve.

Alternatives: Recast Studio, Podcastle, Descript

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