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QR Galaxy

Design Generators

QR Galaxy offers a unique twist on the traditional QR code, blending functionality with aesthetics to create codes that not only serve a practical purpose but also look great.

We're talking QR codes that are not just black-and-white squares but can be scroll-stopping or eye-catching AI-generated images.

It's a blend of functionality and visual appeal.

Upload your own photos or pick from a stock photo library. Basically, select your image and define the target URL or file. This small addition of a standout image can increase the likelihood of your QR codes getting noticed and scanned.

And you can update the target URL or file linked to the QR code after its creation. This feature should catch the attention of marketers, event organizers, or anyone who needs to manage dynamic content without the hassle of generating a new code each time.

  • Customizable Aesthetic QR Codes: upload a photo or choose from a stock photo library to inspire the AI that generates a visually appealing QR code.
  • Direct Linking: Each QR code can link to a website or a file, making it versatile for various applications, from marketing to personal use.
  • Simplicity in Pricing: QR Galaxy adopts a straightforward pricing model. For $4, you get 10 high-quality images per QR code, unlimited scans, and the assurance that all QR codes are checked for validity.
  • Dynamic QR Codes: With an annual subscription of $5, make your QR codes dynamic so that you can make unlimited updates to the URL or file linked to the QR code.
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