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Video Editing

Rask is a video localization and translation platform that automates the process of adding voiceovers, subtitles, and dubbing in multiple languages such as Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, and English.

The AI-powered translation tool ensures highly accurate translations that maintain the original content's meaning and tone, giving you confidence in the localization of your videos.

If you need localization, overdubbing, voiceovers, and video subtitles for employee training, marketing, explainer videos, content creation, and education, Rask might be the only AI tool you need. 

It's fast, cost-effective, and accurate. And with multiple language options, content creators can reach the entire world with one piece of content.

Test different call-to-action (CTA) scripts and see which resonates best with your target audience and improve conversion rates. Launch videos directly to social and web channels, so the distribution process is much faster. The tool also transforms video content into written articles, increasing the reach and impact of marketing campaigns by repurposing the same content for different channels and formats.

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