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Recast offers a novel solution to information overload online. Sift through an avalanche of content online by converting the written content to audio podcasts.

  • Recast can help you consume your lengthy backlog of articles, thought pieces, and reports. It will digest the content and relay it back to you in a coherent, engaging podcast show—with human touch!
  • After a short period, your article is converted into an audio conversation between the app's AI hosts—who provide analysis and discussion of what they've read.
  • Straightforward functionality & user-friendly interface - choose an article or a piece you would like to understand and submit it through their app or browser extensions.
  • Recast's library boasts a colossal collection of trending and top-rated articles that have been 'recasted' by the community.
  • Mirroring popular apps' AI-curated playlists, Recast crafts a personalized queue of articles that align with your interests, ensuring relevance and guaranteeing user engagement.

Audible may be an audiobook giant, but its linear narrative style lacks the dynamic conversation that Recast brings to the table.

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