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RepliQ is an innovative AI-powered outreach tool that enables users to generate personalized videos, customized images, and tailored copy on a large scale for cold email and LinkedIn direct marketing campaigns.

One of the standout features of RepliQ is its ability to generate lots of branded prospecting videos personalized for every lead, all from a single video template. Essentially, create a single video that can be customized for thousands of prospects.

Create a video once and then let RepliQ makes thousands of unique versions tailored to each potential lead.

Integrating RepliQ with your favorite outreach tools, such as Lemlist, Hubspot, SalesFlow, QuickMail, and Mixmax, is easy. Once RepliQ processes your lead data, you’ll receive a file containing dynamic video links and embed codes, making it easy to incorporate the personalized videos into your campaigns.

And you can also extract more power from the tool by adding automations by Zapier, Make, Pabbly, ande even RepliQ’s own API to create efficient workflows.

RepliQ’s AI-powered features extend beyond personalized videos. You can generate ChatGPT responses based on custom prompts and plug them into your video background, adding an extra layer of personalization and relevance to your outreach.

The monthly plan, priced at $39, includes 200 credits and a range of features. For those looking for a more cost-effective option, the annual plan offers a 50% discount, bringing the monthly cost down to $19.

Main applications and uses:

  • Cold Email Campaigns: Use personalized videos to make your emails stand out and increase response rates.
  • LinkedIn DMs: Create tailored videos for LinkedIn messages, making your outreach more engaging and relevant.
  • Sales Pitches: Integrate dynamic backgrounds and personalized content to make compelling sales pitches.
  • Product Demos: Share your screen to demo software or showcase your sales deck, enhancing the impact of your presentations.
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