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Generative Video

Introducing RepliQ's. Transform your photo into a personalized avatar and bring yourself to life in a whole new way. Whether you're not a video person or struggling with what to say, RepliQ has got you covered.


-Clean and professional videos: RepliQ ensures that your videos are free of unnecessary pauses and filler sounds, delivering a polished presentation.
-Turn yourself into a talking AI avatar: With just a front-face image of yourself, RepliQ creates an AI avatar that represents you in your videos.
-Fully customizable outreach videos: RepliQ allows you to personalize your videos by using variables such as your leads' name, company name, and job title.
-Best-in-class lip sync: RepliQ boasts the market's best lip sync technology, ensuring that your avatar's mouth movements perfectly match the audio.

How does it work?

-Upload a front-facing image of yourself or choose from RepliQ's avatar options.
-Write your own pitch using variables or let RepliQ generate a script for you with prompts.
-Upload a lead list with the URLs you want as a background. Within minutes, you'll have hundreds of personalized videos ready to be sent to your leads.

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