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Scribe captures manual processes and automatically generates step-by-step guides to share with your team, your clients, or your VAs.

Scribe is one of those tools that you didn't realize you needed. But once you start using it, you'll be documenting all of your processes and creating a library or set of Standard Operating Procedures for your entire business.

It works like this: Click to record. Click to end the recording. And then the magic happens. Once your process is recorded, Scribe's generates a how-to guide complete with screenshots, instructions, and clicks. And if you need to make any edits or customizations, no problem! Edit screenshots, redact sensitive information, and add text, annotations, or custom branding with ease.

  • Create job hire onboarding documents, customer training materials, or technology rollout instructions in mere minutes. Scribe's versatile range covers everything from URL-sharing to embedding in existing tools and wikis.
  • Export your guides as PDFs or making them compatible with platforms like Confluence has never been easier.
  • Refine your guides by adding text, annotations, and custom branding, or edit screenshots to redact sensitive information.
  • Works in Chrome, Edge, and Desktop environments.
  • Send to teammates or clients with a URL link

Alternatives: Process Street

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