Sembly AI


Sembly AI uses AI algorithms to improve one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurs' work lives, meetings. Sembly.ai offers an innovative solution to the time-consuming task of note-taking. Invite the Sembly agent to participate, and watch as it diligently records and transcribes your discussions.

The proxy attendance feature ensures you remain informed even when confronted with scheduling conflicts.

Semblian is the 'ChatGPT'-esque enhancement for meetings, engineered to generate articulate, professionally worded emails based on your discussions. Semblian does personalized messaging better than any human assistant and creates meta-insights about your meetings so you get a comprehensive understanding of their effectiveness.

  • Automatic meeting notes: Sembly takes notes, so you can focus on the discussion at hand.
  • Accurate transcriptions: Enjoy time-stamped notes, speaker identification, and bookmarks for your transcriptions.
  • GlanceView™ summaries: AI-generated meeting summaries that cover all essential topics and details.
  • Lots of integrations: Sembly works with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, and syncs with Google and Outlook calendars.

Alternatives: Airgram, tl;dv

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