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SongR is an innovative AI-based Song Generator that puts the power of music creation in your hands. With just a few keywords, SongR can craft personalized songs that fit to your preferences.


-Easy to Use: SongR is designed to be user-friendly. Simply hover over your preferred genre, enter a few keywords in the textbox, and click or hit 'Enter'. It's that simple!
-Lyric Editing: SongR provides you with the ability to modify and fine-tune the lyrics in the Lyric Editor window. With SongR, your songs truly reflect your artistic vision.
-Genre Customization: Whether you're aiming for a melancholic love ballad or a high-energy pop anthem, SongR has the versatility to match your mood and style.
-Input Your Own Lyrics: Just hover over your genre of choice and select "I have my own lyrics" to infuse your personal touch into the music creation process.
-Device Compatibility: SongR is accessible on any device, including phones, iPads, and laptops.
-Usage Limit: To ensure fair access for all users, SongR currently limits the creation of songs to 5 per day.

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