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Speak AI


Crunch text with Speak AI's custom algorithms. Make smarter decisions based on data insights, whether you're doing qualitative research, academic research, marketing research, competitive analysis or digital marketing.

Turn language data into actionable insights without spending a fortune. Reduce manual labour and unlock competitive advantages.

  • Transcripts: 95% accurate with high-quality audio.
  • Speak Magic Prompts: Ask questions and get powerful answers from Speak, saving you hours of data analysis.
  • Efficiency: 80% transcription & analysis time savings
  • Multi-lingual: If you speak it, chances are Speak Ai can transcribe it, thanks to the 70+ languages it supports (and counting!)
  • Automatically transcribe YouTube videos, save captured media to Google Drive, analyze RSS feeds, and more, all without expensive developers or data scientists.
  • Integrates with Zapier, Google Chrome, Zoom, Vimeo, and others.

This no-code recording, transcription, and analysis engine will transform your qualitative research, digital marketing to even more complex functions. Upload your data, whether it's audio, video, or text, and let Speech AI identify actionable insights from your language data.

It's a research repository that does data visualization, deep search, media playback, and other incredible functions.

The natural language processing engine transcribes and analyses data to uncover relevant keywords, topics, and sentiment analysis.

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