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Use Spell's Autonomous AI agents to transform your daily tasks - set ChatGPT to work for you and benefit from hyper-level productivity.

And the good news is that Spell does not require an OpenAI or ChatGPT API key, it provides access to all GPT4 features.

  • Create innovative agents to complete tasks, pursue goals, and resolve your problems with direct web access, plugins, and more.
  • Run multiple GPT tasks simultaneously - execute as many GPT tasks as you like - no waiting.
  • With Spell's generative AI feature, you can create dynamic SEO-optimized pages or breathe life into your Twitter persona
  • Transform your content by inputting ideas, data or topics into the prompt and watch as it improvises on its own.
  • Explore a wide variety of prompts and templates, or build your own. The library offers a wide range of services in the areas of marketing, software engineering and content creation.
  • Spell's autonomous agent development environment will help you learn as you go.
  • Spell offers diverse AI solutions, transforming tasks from market research and travel planning to essay writing and fitness coaching.
  • Enjoy a 7-day trial period with 200 free credits, during which you can try Spell and choose from our range of plans. Enjoy features like AI Agents, 100+ Plugins—and priority support.
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