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Video Editing

Submagic is an AI-powered captions tool that breathes life into your videos in a whole new way. Create short, engaging summaries, amplify content reach, and reach new audiences all over the world in other languages.

  • Submagic transcribes audio into written text in 48 languages with pinpoint accuracy. Eliminate transcription errors, globalize your content for accessibility and beat time constraints
  • Stay ahead of the design curve with the latest trending templates, updated constantly.
  • Elevate your captions beyond mundane blocks of text. Add a touch of color to your captions. Emojify your lines and stress the critical points, so that your audience can stay engaged with what you're saying—from start to finish.
  • Let AI help you with creativity. Craft catchy descriptions and #hashtags easily—reach out to a wider audience and engage better.
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