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If you're already using Notion to organise your life or company, Super is a service worth considering. It takes your Notion pages and quickly converts them into fully functional websites. Here's an overview of what Super brings to the table.

  • Quick Setup: Launch your website in less than a minute. Begin with a Notion page, then let Super handle the heavy lifting.
  • Ease of Management: All of your material remains within Notion. You create; Super publishes.
  • Design freedom: There are no-code themes and templates readily available as well as custom code choices.
  • Super promises rapid page loading, and claims to outperform other website builders.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO): Automatic social sharing cards and optimised HTML for higher search rankings.
  • Security and customisation include custom domains, SSL certificates, and password protection for your material.

Critical Features

  • Instantaneous Edits: Changes in Notion reflect on your site immediately.
  • Designer Templates: Get started with professional layouts.
  • World-class Speed: A promise of performance that could retain visitors.
  • Inclusive SEO: Features aimed at giving your site visibility.
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