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Generative Art

SUPERMACHINE lets you generate images in under 15 seconds and in a variety of aspect ratios. 

  • For bloggers—whip up unique graphics for your posts
  • For content creators—make your own original art for social media, ads, promo materials, and guides.
  • For copywriters—generate eye-catching imagery to complement your words

Key Features:

  • Got an image in your mind? Translate it into words and watch as SUPERMACHINE breathes life into it. Once generated, you can fine-tune your output via an edit canvas to achieve the perfect image. Every image generated by SUPERMACHINE is an original. Better yet, they come with commercial rights enabling you to use them just as you please.
  • 40 custom models give you an incredible range of possibilities. All you have to do is tell the AI what kind of image you're looking for, and voilà! It delivers—with easy editing options too!
  • Increase the size of faces in your photos fourfold by adjusting their scale.
  • Use the Advanced Styling menu to select from an array of styles, themes, and genres. Choose from dozens of artistic options that let you blend different looks together into your images with ease.
  • Quickly find inspiration from other users' works. Use prompts that have inspired you to create new images—then easily produce an image with the same feel.
  • Use the built-in ESRGAN tool to remold AI-generated faces that look odd.
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