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Talkio AI is an AI-powered language learning app that focuses on spoken language skills. Unlike traditional language learning apps that emphasize grammar and vocabulary, Talkio AI uses conversation simulations to help you practice speaking and listening in real-time.

Talkio AI is built with ChatGPT to enable engaging interactions with virtual characters on a broad range of topics. The refined system adapts to your level of competence, offering personalised feedback for optimum language practice and progress. Take advantage of instant voice interactions to improve your oral communication skills.

With Talkio AI, you have access to over 400 unique AI tutors, creating a personalized and immersive language learning journey. Engage in voice conversations, receive detailed pronunciation feedback, and explore an extensive selection of 134 languages and accents. Whatever your interest, choose from a wide array of topics to discuss and enhance your language skills in a way that feels natural and engaging.

  • Unlock a personalized language journey with more than 400 distinctive AI tutors at your service.
  • Dive into authentic voice conversations to hone your real-world language proficiency.
  • Get immediate feedback on your pronunciation to polish your speaking abilities.
  • Select from a diverse array of 134 languages and accents to suit your learning needs.
  • Delve into a variety of topics for engaging and pertinent conversations.
  • Experience an immersive learning environment by interacting with AI that mimics human conversation.
  • Enhance your oral language skills using cutting-edge, intuitive technology.
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