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A GPT-powered AI tutor for learning languages

A comprehensive linguistic coach designed to make language learning accessible to everyone, everywhere. No hefty tuitions. No commuting to classrooms. Just you, your device, and your ambition to communicate in new, exciting ways.

Available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Ukrainian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Finnish, Swedish, Hindi, Dutch, Portuguese, and many more.

  • Immersive Conversations: Simulate real-life situations in cafes with dynamic, contextual dialogues designed to improve language retention and fluency.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Get immediate, personalized suggestions and corrections from TalkPal.
  • Dynamic Active Listening: Get better comprehension with adaptive listening exercises that converse with you.
  • Tailored Learning Path: With TalkPal Premium, you get a personalized learning path based on your learning pace, proficiency level, and specific language learning goals.
  • Roleplays: Try your hand at negotiating a business deal in German or ordering dim sum in Cantonese with TalkPal Premium.
  • One-Click Translation: With TalkPal's real-time translation feature, you can translate messages into over 100 languages instantly.
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