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Education with a touch of AI magic. Designed by teachers, for teachers - TeacherMatic brings artificial intelligence in the classroom. Produce classroom-ready resources for every subject and need. With over 300 teachers contributing to its development, it's been rigorously tested and refined so it delivers exactly what teachers need.

TeacherMatic ensures that quiz, lesson plan, or schema outputs are both useful and in the right format. Teachers will no longer need to click through multiple textbook pages or trial and error to get the perfect result. Automate repetitive tasks without sacrificing quality.

  • Teacher-Centric Design: Developed with input from over 300 teachers, TeacherMatic is tailored to address educators' unique challenges.
  • Resource Generation: From lesson plans to worksheets, say goodbye to research and design hours. The platform's advanced language processing algorithms generate high-quality resources in seconds.
  • Lesson Objectives Made Easy: Identify a wide range of learning objectives across six cognitive learning domains.
  • Quiz Creation: The Multiple Choice Quiz Maker generates quizzes on any topic, ready for export to your favorite Learning Management System
  • Scheme of Work Generator: Easily create lesson plans with TeacherMatic's intuitive Scheme of Work Generator.
  • Class Question Generator: Generate engaging and relevant questions for students
  • AI-Generated Rubrics: The AI rubric generator is a time-saver and designed to create grading criteria for assessments.
  • Glossary Generator: Create glossaries for any topic or subject, taking the hassle out of building a comprehensive reference for students.
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