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TeamSmart AI


TeamSmart AI is designed to provide easy access to a team of AI assistants to help you get more done in less time. It also consolidates everything into one extension, providing you with all the tools you need.


-Next-generation AI assistants: TeamSmart AI employs the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and is built upon scientific research to provide advanced assistant capabilities.
-Chat interface and Chrome extension: TeamSmart AI offers an intuitive chat interface for easy interaction, accessible through a convenient Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates with your browsing experience.
-A diverse range of specialized assistants: TeamSmart AI stands out with its wide range of specialized assistants, each tailored to specific tasks, ensuring that you have the right support and expertise for every job.
-Effortless task tracking with to-do list: With TeamSmart AI, you can effortlessly track your to-do list in every new tab, ensuring consistent visibility and easy access to your priority tasks at all times.

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