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Translate.video is a smart tool for translating videos into more than 75 languages with a single click. Get impeccable translation, unlimited video dubbing, and free animated subtitles.

Translate.video is a one-stop shop for global content creators seeking to multifunction their video-editing process. Offering everything from automatic transcript generation and video captioning, to human-like voice dubbing, the platform is purposefully designed to scale content reach globally.

  • Video Annotations: Auto-generate closed captions instantly, boosting your content's overall accessibility.
  • Instant Subtitles: Utilize the platform’s instant subtitle generation tool, supporting up to 75+ translations in a single click.
  • AI Voiceover and Dubbing: Deliver your content in a plethora of languages and voices, simulating the human tonality with astounding accuracy.
  • Video Editing: Customize your video style, add elements, or simply record your own voice.
  • File Formats: SRT, VTT, MP4 and many other formats stand ready for you to download.
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