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Tugan.ai is marketing tool with a different approach to other generative AI tools. One of the standout features, and probsbly the one people will use most of all is the ability to enter an URL and get sales copy or email marketing copy based on the contents of the URL.

You can auto-generate and then tweak content much quicker than it would take to write from scratch or even with a template.

Provide a topic or upload existing content for extra guidance. Perfect for busy content creators, marketing teams, and entrepreneurial business owners

Think of Tugan as your digital assistant that reshapes how you write. Whether it's emails, tweets, Google Ads or Facebook Ads, blog posts, sales letters or discussion threads. Tugan.ai takes your input - a topic or existing content - and spins out written creations with an enviable ease.

Tugan is an always-on, a reliable partner in your writing tasks that will never let you down. Tugan knows how to write in your voice and style, and can even take on the challenge of creating content for topics it's unfamiliar with.

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