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Tweethunter.io is a tool that offers several features to help users grow their Twitter audience and increase engagement. With a library of over 3 million viral tweets, users can search for high-performing tweets and figure out what types of content generate engagement and followers. Additionally, the tool offers AI-powered tweet writing suggestions and ideas, which users can personalize and predict tweet performance using TweetPredict™.

Tweethunter offers 4,000 staff-picked tweets across different niches and topics, which can be used as inspiration or you can simply steal them.

The tool's scheduling and automation features are like a shot of adrenalin for the ROI of your campaigns - schedule tweets and threads weeks in advance, using the "add to queue" system, and access automations that rocket tweet performance.

One feature I really like (and you will too) is the auto DM feature to distribute free resources to users without the need for manual copy-pasting.

Alternatives: Typefully, Postwise AI, HypeFury

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