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Typing Mind


Combining chatbot elements with ChatGPT with a better user interface and a stunning design, TypingMind delivers a great user experience with faster response times, chat history search, multiple languages, and custom saved prompts. Chat history is stored locally per browser.

It's a static web application that acts as an HTTP client for the ChatGPT API, implying it does not need a back-end server. TypingMind runs directly in your browser but there's also a standalone desktop app. Access to GPT-4 is not automatic with TypingMind

  • Unlike ChatGPT, TypingMind can perform search queries via selected search engines if the Web Search feature is enabled.
  • Upload and chat with a PDF
  • TypingMind predicts what you're about to type and helps you turn your ideas into creative content.
  • TypingMind's Syntax Savant feature will help you fix any problems with your sentence structure. Using this ingenious AI, you'll get flawless grammar and punctuation every time.
  • From Google Docs to Slack, TypingMind integrates seamlessly into your workspace and will be there for you whenever you need it.
  • Powered by OpenAI, TypingMind stays on top of the curve with constant updates and enhancements.
  • TypingMind allows you to self-host on a personal server for privacy and availability.
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