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Video Generation

Put your story onscreen without ever picking up a camera. Use VEED to create compelling videos with ai-generated scripts. Using a mix of AI tools and stock media, you can produce videos for marketing, training, and more.

VEED offers a full range of video editing features to create professional-looking videos without the steep learning curve. Add animated text, images, subtitles, emojis, and drawings to your video, and use camera filters and special effects for stunning visuals.

VEED's AI videos are created entirely by artificial intelligence software—no human intervention required. This AI video platform is packed with powerful tools to produce pro-level video content with no effort on your part.

  • AI Image Generation: VEED's AI image generator is your artistic genie: it instantly creates beautiful visuals from text prompts.
  • AI Script Generator: Automatically generate video scripts for your projects using the AI script generator. Create a narrative story that relates the different elements of your business.
  • AI Text-to-Voice: With a range of voice profiles, languages and accents, the AI text-to-speech tool breathes life into your video scripts. Add narrations and voice-overs to your videos and create compelling content. You can choose from multiple voice profiles, languages, and accents to narrate your video. It's perfect for YouTubers on a budget!
  • Video Templates: Jumpstart your video creation process with customizable templates, then add some flair by applying filters and specialized tools to make your videos irresistible for viewers.

Alternatives: OpusClip, TubeBuddy, Filmora

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