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Generative Video

Vidnoz AI puts simplicity and user experience at the forefront. Create quality videos without a steep learning curve, a large budget, or significant time investment.

  • *Text to Speech**: With this feature, you can convert any text into a video format in seconds. You can produce videos from written content with easy-to-parse functionality.
  • *Avatars**: Over 100 lifelike avatars can narrate your videos, allowing for a more human and engaging experience for your viewers.
  • *Voices**: There are more than 100 natural voice-overs available, offering various accents and languages. Augment your video with multiple voiceovers in different accents and languages.
  • *Templates**: Don't worry about designing or editing software—you have access to over 200 video templates. These pre-designed, fully editable videos are ready for immediate use.
  • *Languages**: Cater to a global audience with the capability to use this tool in over 23 languages.

Vidnoz can play a vital role in supporting businesses that need to produce quality video content quickly and affordably. The wide variety of templates, avatars, voices, and supported languages ensures that you can make a video that will resonate with your intended audience—without breaking the bank. Generate professional-grade videos from text, record webcam or screen footage, and add Calls to Action (CTA).

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