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Vidon AI

Video Generation

Vidon.ai helps you create engaging videos for your social media platforms in a snap. All you need is a prompt, blog post URL, or an idea to start cooking up your video script. The platform will automatically enhance your script with relevant images, a realistic voiceover, and subtitles. Plus, with one-click translation, auto resizing, and batch creation, sharing your video has never been easier.

What sets Vidon.ai apart is its partnership with ChatGPT for its AI Prompt template. Just give a brief description of your video idea, and let the AI do the heavy lifting.

Need the perfect video size for each platform? Vidon.ai generates your video in three sizes: Landscape (for YouTube or blogs), Square (perfect for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook), and Portrait (ideal for TikTok or Instagram). You can try it out for free, but exporting videos requires an upgrade.

In a world where content is king, and attention spans are shorter than ever, Vidon.ai offers you a way to breathe life into your social media presence and reel in your audience.

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