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Tell ViralKit the details of your giveaway and let it know who you want to reach. Define your contest with a one-line brief, incorporating essential details such as the giveaway item (which will be used in promotional material), target audience and timeline.

Just tell ViralKit in one sentence what kind of contest you would like to run. Are you hoping to grow on Instagram? Or give away a uniquely branded t-shirt around Christmas? Let the built-in AI create the right content for your target audience on the target social media platform. 

ViralKit has a huge range of features, from an intuitive drag-and-drop editor to sharing options. And enterprise-level security and rewards system help ensure that entries are authentic and reward users for sharing your contests with friends, igniting viral growth.

  • The AI-Powered Contest Builder will take care of the hard work for you: all it takes is a one-line description and the tool will build an amazing giveaway in seconds!
  • Go viral with giveaways. Create a community around your brand by making sure that the audience doesn't know what hit them!
  • Run contests and collect likes, follows, shares, and leads from over 60 social platforms
  • Learn more about your audience with tailor-made form fields. Got a questionnaire or survey in mind? Create customized forms and gather all the user data you need!
  • ViralKit's native API, in addition to its more than 25 integration partners offers a unique level of connectedness.
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