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Voluum is made for digital marketing professionals, media buyer, and agencies who want powerful ad tracking and optimization tools for handling multiple ad channels.

Here’s how you, as an affiliate marketer or marketing agency, can use this AI-backed ad tracking software:

  • Focus traffic on the most effective landing pages and offers.
  • Automate time-consuming ad management and optimization tasks.
  • Ensure consistent traffic distribution while monitoring and gathering valuable data.
  • Maximize campaign profitability by effectively utilizing their budgets.
  • Turn the AI on for specific paths, offers, landing pages, or across entire campaigns.

Voluum’s Traffic Distribution AI automatically optimizes ad campaigns, focusing traffic on the highest-performing elements to maximize ROI, while automating tedious optimization tasks and providing valuable data insights - all with the flip of a switch.

Take the tedious, time-consuming task of manual campaign optimization off your hands. By continuously analyzing your performance data and automatically adjusting your traffic allocation, this tool ensures you’re always directing visitors to the most profitable elements of your funnel.

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