AI-meeting tool with instant AI-meeting summaries, AI-action items, recording, live transcript, search across meeting content, bookmarks, notes, clips, and more.

Key Features:

  • MeetingGPT - At the end of the meetings ask Vowel AI any question about the meeting for an accurate answer. For example, you can ask “Who is following up with Keith”, “When its the project launch date”?, “Who action items did I commit to?,” or “Who did I say to follow up with?”
  • AI-Meeting Summaries 2.0 - Right when your meeting ends, you’ll receive an AI-generated meeting summary. It includes an Exec Summary, Topics and Sub Topics with a toggle, and the ability to Jump to a specific part of the transcript where a topic or sub topic was discussed.
  • AI-action items - During your meeting, Vowel AI identifies and automatically suggests action items using AI based on your conversation. You can accept them or decline them. Accepted action items, are added to your notes and the action items section of your meeting summary.
  • Catch me up - If you’re 5 minutes late to a meeting, you don’t have to review the transcript or ask the team to catch you up. You’ll receive an AI-generated catch me up meeting summary recapping what was said.
  • Zapier Integration - Send your AI-generated meeting summaries, AI action items, and notes to any tool you use. You can send them to Notion, Evernote, Asana, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and more.

Live Transcript (in multiple-languages), Cloud Recording, and Search Collaborative Notes and Agendas, Bookmarks 
Create and share clips

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