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Analyze and optimize yor marketing like never before with this marketing data attribution wizard. Windsor AI will direct your data to the right places for maximum results so you can avoid looking for scattered metrics! 

Windsor.ai's marketing attribution technology provides a comprehensive view of the value and ROI of your ad spend, enabling you to optimize marketing campaigns at every touchpoint. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet of marketing data.

  • Analyze customer journeys and optimize across all touchpoints, saving time by optimizing budgets directly and syncing back to the advertising platforms.
  • Through flawless integration with popular marketing and analytics platforms, CRM systems, Google Data Studio, and Looker Studio—frees you to focus on the customer experience.
  • Maximize marketing ROI by using clarity and transparency across all channels, campaigns, keywords and creatives—including cancellations; returns; offline data from CRM's – to enrich your customer journeys.
  • With proven results of increasing marketing ROI by 15–44% within the first three months, Windsor can automate data collection and enjoy substantial increases in revenue.
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