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WriteSonic's updated On-Brand AI Writer helps you develop original content based on your brand's voice. It's a blend of SEO and AI writing that delivers SEO optimization, brand authenticity, and factual accuracy.

  • Brand Voice Replication: The WriteSonic AI Writer writes your content. You can train it to mimic your brand's tone, structure, and guidelines by uploading PDFs, linking articles, or even copy/pasting. Get comprehensive coverage by uploading your proprietary documents.
  • Factual Accuracy: WriteSonic knows that facts matter (to people, to Google, to lawmakers). The platform generates engaging and dependable content by using knowledge graphs specific to each topic. By keeping the facts straight, you maintain your credibility with your audience.

Whether it's trending topics, unique keywords, or even in-built SEO integrations with industry leaders like Semrush and Surfer SEO, WriteSonic has integrated many of the top elements and tools that SEOs demand.

WriteSonic's AI article generator produces plagiarism-free content, constantly running a plagiarism checker in the background to ensure your work is original.

Alternatives: Copy AI, Creaitor, Katteb, AnyWord

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