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Get the most out of your private files with xMagic. Upload, store, and interact with your files using a natural language processing system that understands your question—and automatically extracts the relevant information from those files.

The AI assistant learns from these documents, effectively turning into a bespoke resource for your specific needs. The standout feature? You can engage in a chat with your documents, receiving insights and responses based on the content within them.

  • Upload PDFs, Notion and TXT files to create a personalized knowledge base for your AI assistant. xMagic will use this data to answer complex and nuanced questions about the content in your files.
  • Get clear, intelligent summaries of your document and suggested questions. xMagic serves up direct citations and references so you can fact-check for yourself. Verify the accuracy of xMagic's answers with direct citations and page numbers.
  • xMagic's advanced AI can understand and answer complex questions and nuanced queries based on the content of your files.
  • Collaborative workspaces allow you to share and brainstorm on projects and share.
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