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Yera is designed to onboard and upskill your support and sales teams, saving you time and helping you achieve your goals.

With Yera, you can convert customer interactions and internal knowledge into valuable insights and coaching, improving your team members to be their best selves.

How can Yera help?

-Receive daily tips on optimizing your communications for greater empathy, clarity, and resolution.
-Get regular coaching on using support scripts, playbooks, and your product, policy, and business process expertise.
-Track efficiency KPIs for customer interactions and receive personalized advice for continuous growth.
-Regularly coach agents on best practices.
-Reduce the time spent monitoring interactions and training agents.
-Receive daily customized guidance on persuasive communication, relationship building, and consultation skills.
-Get feedback on sales scripts, objection handling, and understanding your product value proposition.
-Benefit from constant advice and insights based on your interactions with clients and prospects.
-Constantly reinforce your team's sales methodology.
-Reduce the time spent reviewing calls and manually coaching representatives.

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